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Shattered Abstract 2
Arctic Green
Ascending Grey
Ascending Indigo
Betrayal of The King
Drip Field 1
Pink Peonies
Navy Brushy Abstract II
Flower Smile
Raining on Aqua
Baby Lion with Mother
Ballet Technique
Sea Garden III Royal Blue
Golden Dream
natural beauty
MidCentury Navy Taupe 9
MidCentury Navy Taupe 8
MidCentury Navy Taupe 6
Spirit Flower I
Ruptured Spheres
Abstract Series 03
Campo di fiori in Primavera
Abstract Series 01
Enjoy The Calm View
Sage and Pink Abstract I
Luxurious Wilderness IV
Peonies with Grey
Juxtaposed Blue
Juxtaposed Grey
Navy Flora 1
Navy Brushy Abstract I
White Blues II
Green Daydream
Aqua Harmony 2
Mid Century ColorDew Burgundy 3
Fresh Scent
Indigo Crescent II ?‘
Marbled Glass III
Spirit Flower II
Antique Botanical XXIV Cool
Antique Botanical XVIII Cool
Harlequin Floral Cool
Sage and Pink Abstract II
Blue Brushy Abstract I
Blue Brushy Abstract II
Indigo Sprig II